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First, are due some warnings for for those who want to visit the Dahlak Islands: the people who inhabit the coasts and islands profess the Islamic religion, and consequently as a sign of respect for local customs will need to wear suitable clothes to visit the villages . For lovers of fishing, remember that on board will be only sailors fishing tackle. Who wants to fish have to bring the necessary equipment (in Eritrea is hard to find professional equipment). Those with sensitive skin to the sun should use special precautions such as covering, even while bathing, with sticking pants and t-shirts. Still, equipment for the sea refer only to those who does snorkelling or simply swimmers and not to divers. Finally, the following guidelines relate solely to the trip to the islands, for those who want to make trips to other areas of Eritrea should wear the necessary, more specific clothing and equipment.


  • sweatshirt or sweater
  • K-way or poncho
  • a pair of lightweight pants
  • at least one pair of shorts
  • T-shirt at pleasure (maybe a long sleeve)
  • a tracksuit (preferably warm and comfortable to be used as pajamas)
  • at least two swimsuits
  • a pareo
  • a beach towel
  • at least a towel
  • hat or cap
  • sneakers or sandals with sturdy sole (to use even in water)
  • sunglasses
Equipment for the sea
  • at least one diving mask with snorkel (it is recommended to take it well protected in your hand luggage)
  • fins
  • fishing lines for trolling (is suggested wire 100, terminal 80 or steel wire, strong artificial kedge)
  • sea or fishing gloves

Cinematographic equipment

  • camera with spare batteries
  • suitable films
  • camcorder with spare batteries
  • camcorder battery charger

Equipment for the night

  • sheet bag or lightweight sleeping bag
  • at least one pillow
  • night mask
  • socks

Various equipment

  • multipurpose knife (careful checks at airports)
  • headlight with spare batteries
  • tweezers laundry
  • lighter
  • emergency sewing kit
  • personal food (suggested condensed milk)
  • a pair of cloth or cellophane bags for storing wet or dirty clothing or things
  • waterproof tape
  • travel alarm
  • cutlery
  • shatterproof glass or mug
  • canteen
  • those who are keen on this matters, compass or GPS
  • playing cards

Health and medicine

  • toilette bag (watch scissors!)
  • soap and shampoo for sea water
  • micropur water treatment system or similar
  • sunscreens
  • antihistamine, analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory
  • prescribed medicines for personal use
  • medicines related to travellers prophylaxis

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